Monthly Meetings


We meet on the first Monday evening of each month (some slight adjustments are made throughout the year for holidays) at the Church of The Assumption, 20 East Avenue, Fairport NY. Check the current calendar of events on our home page for the exact dates.


Monthly meetings are an important part of ROC CITY Scale Modelers support for its members and for interested members of the general public. You don't have to be a member to come to one of our meetings - guests are welcome! You just need a sincere interest in having FUN while you improve your skills as a modeler. After you've attended a few meetings and seen what we're all about, we'll be pleased to welcome you as a full time member.

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Modeling Projects

Members are encouraged to bring their modeling projects to each meeting. Models can be finished or work-in-progress. Each modeler has the opportunity to give a short synopsis of the unique aspects of the project, from research through construction. Insightful reviews of the kits and accessories used are particularly worthwhile for others contemplating similar projects.

All displays are photographed and featured in the monthly minutes, which are distributed by the club secretary after each meeting.


Presentations covering modeling techniques, tips, and tools are held occasionally throughout the calendar year. Each seminar is moderated by a member of the club or outside guest who has demonstrated expertise in the subject.

Recent seminars have included explanation and demonstration of resin casting and a multiple stage process to achieve life-like, true-to-scale high gloss finishes.


Since we are a registered chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society, we follow society by-laws, and meetings are where club officers present business issues for discussion and voting. Club budgets are reviewed and approved, along with decisions on show venues and contributions to other clubs in the region. All members are encouraged to participate in these discussions.

ROC City Scale Modelers Flyer

ROC City Modelers Flyer 2018 (pdf)