Build Nights


An Evening of Commaraderie, Sharing and Fun!

Join us at one of our many Build Nights - share ideas, techniques, and opinions. Build nights are held at local restaurants or community centers, usually in their group activity rooms. 

The schedule varies, so be sure to check our event calendar on our home page, or keep in touch with our Facebook page.

Club membership is not required to attend a Build Night, but we're sure you'll find that the experience encourages you to join the club.


Fries and a Shake Optional

Model building need not be a solitary hobby. At a ROC CITY Build Night, the banter flows freely and the hours fly by much too fast. Building alongside others allows everyone to benefit by learning new techniques. 

Just about the only restriction we have concerns painting - no spray cans or airbrushing allowed at a Build Night. Bottles and brushes ("hairy sticks" in the biz) are fine. 

Of course, there is no restriction at all on having FUN!